Social toilet humour, funny reviews of toilets for everyone.

Toilet is an integrated part of our life and everyone has to visit public toilets at least a few times in any day. Some toilets are gorgeous while others are terrifying, and everyone has a tale to tell.

ToiletHow wants to capture these funny moments during the toilet visits to bring fun and laughter to everyone.

The Process

We begin by creating wireframes of the Android app to visualise out quickly what our client wanted. The wireframes allow us to gather feedback fast and to change cheaply to come out with the design for development. Once we had the wireframes and product backlog completed, we started our development for the Android app and Ruby on Rails backend concurrently using Agile methodology. 

The Scrum iterative releases supported by Continuous Integration of Agile allow our client to review features and provide feedback continuously, ensuring that the apps are delivered with the best business value and robustness.

Our Solution

We built an Android Native app powered by Ruby on Rails backend for ToiletHow. The mobile app allow users to write review of the toilets anywhere, as well as enjoy funny reviews from other users anytime. Users can attach images, locations and categories to the reviews to make the reviews even more interesting.

To make sure users will not miss the latest reviews, the mobile app will also load the latest one-day of reviews at the landing screen. Finally, we created an web admin console for the administrator of ToiletHow, so that the administrator can manage reviews and perform data analysis.