Asher Images

Beautiful portfolio website for photography studio.

Project Info
AsherImages is a photography studio that specialise in wedding, newborn and photoshoot. With their great photography skills, they have been getting more customers and businesses with an increasing requests to view their portfolio and book appointments. AsherImages want to create a web presence, so that they can upload their portfolio for their customers to view online easily. They also want to find ways to automate the process of appointment booking, so that they can have more time to focus on photography to bring greater value to their customers.
The Process
We begin by selecting the Content Management System (CMS) for the website namely, WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, and the theme for the website design based on the functional and design requirements. Once we have selected the CMS and theme, we started our development for the website page by page and followed by uploading of the user content. When a page was developed, we would release it to the client to review to provide feedback quickly. This iterative releases and continuous feedback ensure that the website was delivered with the best business value.
Our Solution
We selected WordPress as the CMS for its wide range of features and ease of maintenance. The website allow users to view the portfolio easily using search filters and dynamic UI widgets. Users can also book appointments though the website and contact the administrator if necessary. Finally, the website allow the administrator to manage portfolio easily, so that they can always keep the website up to date with the latest portfolio.